The summer is winding down. Brisk air, layered outfits and pumpkin spice are on the horizon. Fall is here, and you’re looking to spend time in New Ulm, Minnesota.

You’ll need two things:

  1. A nice, warm place to spend your downtime (Harmony Inn & Suites, of course!).
  2. A breakdown of all of the unique and fun activities New Ulm has to offer!

Look no further. Here’s four of our favorite ways to spend our fall days here in New Ulm!


1. Morgan Creek Vineyards

Have you ever been to an underground winery?

Now’s your chance! Morgan Creek Vineyards is a one-of-a-kind winery in Minnesota. Because the shelter is underground, it provides the ideal temperature for wine aging and production and a unique experience for tasting and visiting the gift shop. 

Since 1993, Morgan Creek has produced award-winning wines using sustainable production practices. Join them for personalized wine tastings, a Wine Café with a wood-fire oven, and their can’t-miss Sunday brunch.

Morgan Creek Vineyards is only 12 minutes away from Harmony Inn.

Visit them on Facebook.


2.  Flandrau State Park

Nestled in the valley formed by the Cottonwood Rivers, Flandrau State Park is among the most beautiful parks Minnesota has to offer.

Enjoy stunning views of nature, hiking trails of varying difficulties, and wildlife. It’s the perfect place to watch the birds, gray foxes, white-tailed deer and beavers roam around the park.

The best part? Flandrau State Park is just over 5 minutes away from Harmony Inn!



3. Schell’s Brewery

Downtown New Ulm hosts Schell’s Brewery, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country. With rich flavors and over 150 years of brewing experience, Schell’s is a must-visit spot for beer drinkers.

Take a tour of the brewery on weekend afternoons, or book private tours throughout the week. Schell’s is well-established as one of the premier breweries in Minnesota and the rest of the US.

It’s a quick trip from Harmony Inn — only 3 minutes away!



4. New Ulm Nightmares

Looking for a place to spend Halloween weekend?

New Ulm Nightmares is putting on their 8th annual Haunt at the Brown County Fairgrounds! Get spooked at two haunted houses, The Farm and the Crypt. Enjoy Blackout Night, where you’ll enter The Farm with only one glow stick for your entire group. Or enjoy Kids Day, where your children can tour the haunted house with the lights on.

This event will take place Halloween weekend and Halloween night only. Blackout Night is Saturday between 10-11pm, and Kids Day is October 31st from 3-5pm.

Admission is cash only. $10 for the regular line, $15 for a Fastpass, and $20 for the Ultra Fastpass. This is only 6 minutes from Harmony Inn!

So… which activities will you enjoy?




Whether you’re looking to enjoy an underground winery, soak in nature at Flandrau State Park, visit one of the oldest breweries in the US, or get spooked out of your shorts, New Ulm is the place to be this fall!

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